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In everything I do, I believe in inspiring people to grow by challenging themselves. I do this by confronting ideas about what we’re capable of and sharing valuable experience.

There are normally two things that stop people from getting outdoors: they don't think they have it in them, or they don't know where to begin. Sometimes it's both.

As someone who went from having an anxiety problem to hitchhiking alone to the other side of the world, I know the first barrier is imaginary. The second, I now do everything I can to help people overcome. 


"As a complete novice I was a little nervous about hiking and wild camping. I needn't have worried. Tom expertly planned our route to take into account the abilities of the group. He was patient and encouraging when the hiking was more challenging and had a calm authority The whole experience was amazing and I can't wait to go again. Thank you Tom!"
- Lesley (Lincolnshire)


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