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After hitchhiking from the UK to Australia, I returned home to find a very different place. Over the 5 years I had been away, people had become completely absorbed by their phones, more scared than ever and much less resilient.


I aim to help people rediscover in nature what we have lost to technology. I do this by sharing my adventure skills through survival days and wild camping adventures.



You've been stranded in a wild, ancient woodland. All you have with you is a backpack that contains everything you need to make a shelter, build a fire and make a bow and arrows for hunting. 

Suitable for any group, from families to workplace teams. Lunch and snacks are provided. You even get to keep your bow and arrows!


"As a complete novice I was a little nervous about hiking and wild camping. I needn't have worried. Tom expertly planned our route to take into account the abilities of the group. He was patient and encouraging when the hiking was more challenging and had a calm authority The whole experience was amazing and I can't wait to go again. Thank you Tom!"
- Lesley (Lincolnshire)


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